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With 78% of Americans having inaccurate or derogatory items on their credit reports and 25% +/- below a 600 credit score, chances are good you have clients or prospects in need of our service.

Cheap Delete specializes in Corporate Affiliate “CA” relationships by assigning PROMO codes to participating businesses and organizations who’s clients, members or employees may require loans for CA’s products and services, or increased credit scores for job advancement.

Market examples: Real Estate, Automotive, Financial, Medical, Electronics, Home furnishings, Jewelers & Churches.

CA’s are assigned personalized promo codes for their clients or prospects to use when signing up for our service. Our promo codes link referrals to CA’s and create databases that can be used to track referrals as they go through the credit repair process. Cheap Delete can also send email alerts to CA’s after each round of disputes, notifying CA’s of any changes to a referrals credit report. Referrals using a CA’s promo code are given Cheap Delete Membership discounts motivating them to use a CA’s promo code that they may have received in a marketing campaign. (Limited or non tracking promo codes are available in the case of a company offering our service to employees or churches for their members)

Marketing campaigns can be designed to attract new clients by using Cheap Delete credit repair and CA promo codes to build large databases of soon to be qualified buyers/clients. In many cases the CA will know a change has taken place to a referrals credit report before the actual referral knows. The CA’s ability to track referrals through the credit repair process provides the CA with a unique opportunity to contact the newly qualified referrals before anyone, and close deals. This is also a very effective marketing tool for existing clients or new prospects with higher interest loans wanting to refinance at current rates.

Having a very low up front Membership fee and only $9.95 per correction or deletion, per bureau fee (paid after we get the results) makes Cheap Delete essentially risk free and EXTREMELY affordable for everyone.

Each round of disputes takes 35-40 days to get results back. We are averaging a 30-35% correction or deletion rate on disputed items within the first round, 20-25% in the second round and another 20-25% in the third. You may find many referrals eligible for loans after just 2 or 3 rounds.

Many credit service companies would have you believe that credit restoration needs to be tricky, time consuming and expensive. Our members only pay when negative items are actually removed giving Cheap Delete the incentive to correct inaccurate/derogatory items in the shortest time possible. What does all of this mean for you?  Simple, increased sales and satisfied clients.

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