Derogatory Items

Option A – If you believe to the best of your ability that all derogatory items listed on your credit reports are inaccurate, incomplete, biased or unverifiable in some way, you may choose to have all derogatory items on your reports disputed by selecting the “A: Dispute all (Derogatory)” option below.

Option B – List all accurate derogatory items from your credit reports including names and account #’s in the box provided below and select “B: Do not dispute items listed”. Cheap Delete will not dispute any derogatory items listed but will dispute derogatory items found on your reports that are not listed.

Inquiries – The options for disputing inquiries are the same as the derogatory items options above. Use the Inquiry Options Menu to make your selection. If you do not wish to dispute any inquiries, select “C: Do not dispute any inquiries” and inquiries will not be disputed. Correction/deletion fees apply.

Old Addresses – You can help prevent identity theft by removing old or outdated address. List addresses to be removed in the “Corrections” box below.

List any corrections needing to be made to names or wrong accounts etc. in the “Corrections” box.

Cheap Delete will dispute positive information ONLY upon request.

By clicking submit on this page, I verify that I have read and understand the correction/deletion process and have provided accurate information to the best of my ability.

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