With Cheap Delete, the road to good credit just got easier.




Membership fee is a one time $19.95 for a term of three (3) months and begins from the date of sign up.

Correction and Deletion Fees

All corrections and deletions are assigned a value fee of $20.00 US Dollars. Clients in good standing with Cheap Delete will receive a discounted fee of $9.95 per correction or deletion, per bureau as long as client remains in good standing for the entire term of service. If a client falls out of good standing, at any time within a term, client may be charged the full value fee of $20.00 per correction or deletion.  Correction and deletion fees may be processed three days after  email invoice has been sent to client.

Cheap Delete, at it’s sole discretion, may consider payment arrangement requests in an effort to avoid increased correction/deletion fees as described above.

A client is not in good standing if:

  • Client fails to maintain a Cheap Delete preferred (All three bureaus), credit monitoring service, until the end of term plus (1) one month, and maintain on file with Cheap Delete, a current Username and Password for said service.
  • Client fails to maintain a current credit or debit card on file with Cheap Delete.
  • Client fails to pay any fees due to Cheap Delete within 5 days of due date.

Credit Monitoring 

Our clients are required to sign up with a Cheap Delete preferred credit monitoring service. This allows our processors to pull reports (the kind that doesn’t effect your credit scores) quickly and keep the process moving. You will be required to maintain a Cheap Delete preferred credit monitoring service for the entire Membership period plus one (1) month. Credit monitoring is provided by a third party which is not affiliated with Cheap Delete.  As a result, credit monitoring fees are subject to change at any time without notice. The current credit monitoring fee is $14.95 per month for all three bureaus.


After each round ( 35 – 45 days of submitting disputes), you should receive response letters from creditors, collection companies and or credit bureaus etc. depending on your situation.

  • *First round results average  30-35% correction/deletions.
  • *Second round results average 20-25% correction/deletions.
  • *Third round results average 20-25% correction/deletions.

*results may vary

Cheap Delete will notify you when deletions occur via email. You can also track your progress through a web portal we create for you.

Referrals (optional)

Start earning credit towards your credit repair by referring friends, family or anyone who may need credit services. You will earn $10.00 per person once a referral signs up as a Cheap Delete member using your full name as the PROMO code. Referring people is a great way to help cover the cost of your credit repair but if you’re interested in a business opportunity with Cheap Delete, be sure to click on the Affiliate link below for more details.

While it’s true we have corrected or deleted derogatory items within 30 days, in many cases credit repair is a process and can take multiple tries to correct or delete derogatory items. In certain cases, we may not be able to correct or delete a derogatory item at all. Operating from the philosophy that as a Cheap Delete client you only pay when negative items are actually corrected or deleted, we put the burden where it belongs….. on US! This simple yet unique performance based model gives Cheap Delete the incentive to correct negative issues in the shortest time possible creating an environment where everyone wins…..